MCG group is known as one of the leading full service and Creative firms in Marketing Communications, Advertising, Visual Design, Public Relations and Research in Iran.
We at MCG, develop strategy-based and integrated marketing solutions that are unique, consistent and effective.
MCG includes 140 personnel and 5 companies which besides cooperating with one another, each one of them are known as a powerful and independent brand in the market.

Our purpose
Our efforts in MCG is to satisfy the client's needs by providing them with the strategically tuned and customized solutions, as well as having the ability to achieve superior outcome.

Our core values
MCG group began its operation based on integrity, teamwork, enthusiasm, and customer orientation. Today that each one of our subsidiary companies has made an influential position in the communication field, MCG Group is still proudly continues with its original core values.

Our mission is to nurture and enrich the complementary talent of our employees and use it towards solving our clients’ marketing problems.
We greatly encourage creative thinking, team spirit and explicit passion for the brand, and compensate our employees accordingly.
We believe any business must be profitable in order to sustain a healthy year on year growth in the interest of both shareholders and employees.